Welcome to my Digital Marketing and Tech Blog


Welcome everybody to my blog, I hope this will be a fun and chilled out place where I can share stories, news articles and content that interests me. If you want to contribute too, go ahead.

I love Technology, Digital marketing, SEO and Conversion Optimisation. I work in this field and I’m kinda a bit of a geek.  I also love people opinions and love old skool TV programs and nostalgia.  I’m a 80’s child and proud of it.

If this site grows in interest, I would like to have a poll so people can dictate what they prefer on this blog, but of course ensuring it is still individual and full of honest information, news and fun.

Business does not need to boring, its important to know what’s going on out there.

Well it’s Monday, I hope everyone is having a good week, I’ll put my first article on a beginners guide to SEO tonight and see how well it goes down.